Sizing Sample Pack

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If you want to skip the hassle of measuring your nails or afraid of measuring incorrectly, our Sizing Sample Pack is perfect for you. You'll be able  accurately size your nails by trying on all the sizes we offer (0-9) in your choice of shape. This will ensure that your Nailed  By Cristy nails are the perfect fit.


Stiletto - If you are interested in purchasing a  set in: Almond, Coffin, Stiletto, Short Square, Long Almond, Long Coffin and Long Stiletto choose this shape.
Oval - If you are interested in purchasing a set in: Short Oval or Long Oval choose this shape. Please note that this shape is narrower than all the other shapes.
Square - If you are interested in purchasing a set in Long Square choose this shape. Please note that this shape runs wider than all the other shapes.

XLong Stiletto- If you are interested in our XLong Stiletto or XLong Coffin choose this shape. 


Once you have sized your nails you can determine if you fit any of the preset sizes (XS, S, M, L). If you don't, select the Custom option in the size section of every listing. At checkout just enter the sizes you need in the "Special Instructions For Seller" section.
Each Sample Sizing Pack comes with 10 nails in the selected size.